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JavaScript is not a cup of Java

1.    JavaScript being a prototype-based scripting language helps in running browser based applications. Java, an OOP programming language, is used for backend developments. Java helps in server programming and standalone applications. 2.    An upgrade in JavaScript called as NodeJs is a server side environment to create robust real – time server tools and applications. Java needs plugins …


Segmentation based on Hit, Visit and Visitor (Letting the cat out of the bag)

Let’s say John, Bruce and Tina visited John: Visit 1: homepage, fruitflavour, mango, strawberry Visit2: fruitflavor, mango, candy, chocolate Bruce: Visit 1: homepage, chocolate, mango, guava Visit 2: feedback, guava, strawberry, vanilla Tina: Visit 1: mango, almond, contactus, feedback Visit 2: feedback, lichi, tamarind, blueberry We put in a segment where the flavor was …